Bulkhead Nuts

Bulkhead Nuts
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  • Speedflow 924 Series - AN Bulkhead Nut
    MSCN has a range of bulkhead nuts in steel or aluminium to to the -3 bulkheads. Made from Cad Plated Steel, they are strong and robust! Steel - Fully Reusable. CAD Plating. Aluminium - Blue Anodised  Use with Bulkheads.  The Best Quality. &..
  • Speedflow 924 Series Bulkhead Nuts
    We stock a full range of bulkhead fittings & the below listed bulkhead nuts. Bulkheads are used to pass hoses through bulkheads, firewalls, fuel cells, floor panels and any other bracket or solid material. It gives a secure seal and a professional look with using a bulkead nut and w..