Garage Tools

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  • DJ Safety Car Tie Down - Hook and Loop Ends
    We now have in stock a range of tie downs from DJ Safety especialy designed for race cars. These are manufactured from 1-3/4" high strength material and utilise a special hook end and a hook & loop to wrap around a diff or bumper. This makes securing you car on you trailer a snap! Availab..
  • Drum Pump
    Fed up of using a drum pump that leaks, needs servicing and requires you to rotate to work! MSCN has the answer - these beautiful air operated drum pumps are made from aluminium with two neck sizes, adjustable length with filter and include an air regulator with safety blow off valv..
  • Leak Down Tester
    We have in stock these very important tools. They are exceptionally handy for setting up barrell valves, check valves and injection nozzles. It can also leak down cylinders to see if the rings and valves are sealing correctly so you know how healthy your motor is. Features: ..
  • Lock Wire - Stainless Steel
      Malin Co. Aircraft stainless steel lock wire is about the best you can get.  Supplied in 1 pound spooled pots, it's available in 5 sizes and comes with a handy holder so the pot can mount off your tool box. Geniune Aircraft quality 5 popular sizes ..
  • Lock Wire - Tool
    This lock wire tool makes a hard job easy.  Used by aircraft technitions for years this handy 6" tool is a must for any serious race car builder. 6" tool Can be used on all size Stainless lock wire Secure all your nuts and bolts ..
  • Speedflow 431 Series Aluminium Vice Jaws
    If you have ever assembled hose & fittings, you know how frustrating it can be when you scratch you brand new fittings while assembling them in a vice. No matter how hard you try by wrapping in tape or using rags, they always seem to get damaged. By using this invaluable tool, the alumini..
  • Speedflow 432 Series Braided/Teflon Hose Cutter
    If you have ever tried to make braided hoses you know that you have to start with a good cut.  Drop saws and angle grinders are o.k but comtaminate the hose.  Our special made braided cutters will provide a perfect cut on all sizes from -4 to -12 Rubber and Teflon Braid without put..
  • XRP Double End Pro Series Aluminium Spanner Set
    These spanner sets are a great addition to any tool box! The double end style gives you two different sizes per spanner. These are designed to be used on the swivel nut when tightening and loosening the hose ends on the vehicle. These alloy spanners are not designed to be used for a..
  • MSCN Tyre Pressure Gauge
    Features: Unique aerospace mechanism Shock resistant mechanism which makes liquid filled gauges obsolete True zero technology with no pin to artificially hold the pointer on zero Flexible stainless steel braided hose Polished chrome plated air bleeder valve & angle chuck ..