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AN Spanners

AN Spanners
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  • Speedflow 430 Series Alloy Spanners
    These great looking Speedflow spanners are great if you have dash style fittings.  Made from hi-grade alloy they protect your hose ends and limit the amount of scratches when installing them on or off. Anodised different colours for indentification Short ..
  • Speedflow 431 Series Aluminium Vice Jaws
    If you have ever assembled hose & fittings, you know how frustrating it can be when you scratch you brand new fittings while assembling them in a vice. No matter how hard you try by wrapping in tape or using rags, they always seem to get damaged. By using this invaluable tool, the alumini..
  • XRP Double End Pro Series Aluminium Spanner Set
    These spanner sets are a great addition to any tool box! The double end style gives you two different sizes per spanner. These are designed to be used on the swivel nut when tightening and loosening the hose ends on the vehicle. These alloy spanners are not designed to be used for a..