Engine Block & Sandwich Adapters

Engine Block & Sandwich Adapters
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  • Oil Pressure Tees
    These handy brass tees are great for many applications when you need to add a extra fitting to a port.  Situations that are common this fitting are when you are adding an extra oil pressure gauge or where youwant to keep an original warning light sender and run a gauge also. Simply..
  • Transdapt Engine Block Adaptor - Bottom Entry
      Transdapt block adaptors replace of your oil filter when you are relocating it. They are available in cast or billet alloy in a range of thread / o-ring sizes to suit most engines.  Part Number Material ..
  • Transdapt Engine Block Adaptor - Side Entry
    Our side block adaptors feature dual ports left and right to provide choice for both inlet and outlet hose locations, ideal for engines conversions where space is a minimum. Both inlet and outlet ports can be used for high volume oil flow.  Includes 2 pipe plugs.   ..
  • Transdapt Engine Block Sandwich Adaptor
    Transdapt sandich adaptors install between your oil filter and block and allow you to run hoses to your oil cooler. They are available in cast or billet alloy in a range of thread / o-ring sizes to suit most engines.   Part Number ..
  • XRP 100 Series Braided Hose End to Male AN O-Ring Boss - 90 Degree
    Designed to be used with 100 Series Stainless Steel Braided Hose. These hose ends are designed to screw directly into any O-ring Boss (ORB) female threads and adapt at 90° to  braided hose. This is a great fitting for tight spots such as dry sump oil pumps where an ad..
  • XRP Dry Sump AN Scavenge Filter
      Known as Rock Stoppers XRP inline filters help to protect any debry from a engine blow up trashing your expensive dry sump pump.  Available in AN male fittings, -12 ORB to -12AN and the filter is available by itself to suit -12 ORB nipple . They ..