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We now have a fully stocked van than can service your hose & fittings needs. If you have ever struggled with assembling hoses or deciding how to even do the job, give us a call to organise our mobile unit to visit you and give the professional touch to all of your hose & fittings. The van is also at most WSID meets. If you have a plumbing problem at the track please call the mobile number.

Andrew - 0415 060 304

Email us you enquires


Shot of the mobile van.



We offer race track support at WSID.



We carry a full plumbing range on board.





We can fix and repair most hose problems on site and at the track.



Full on board computer system allow us to invoice on site. We also have eftpos!



See us at trade shows and swap meets where we display the products we sell.



Yes it all fits inside the van.



See us at trade shows and swap meets where we display the products we sell.


Yes it all fits inside the van.

Dress up your engine bay with our radiator hose kits.


Braided heater and brake booster hose.


Braided dry sump systems.

We have every angle fitting made.


Stainless injector fuel lines.


Yip, there is a lot of time gone into that plumbing job.



Braided injector hoses.

Rear shot.


Yes, we also make Turbo feed and drain hoses.

Turbo water hoses are also no problem.

Magnafuel Reg fitted to fuel rail.


Fuel rail hoses.

Here is a great fuel system. Twin 044 Bosch pumps, all hoses are Teflon braid no permeation (fuel smell) from the boot.


Another angle

Fuel, Vacuum and Brake lines running through bulkheads are a good idea.


Fuel, Vacuum and Brake lines running through bulkheads are a good idea.

Stainless Steel braided radiator hose.

Another Braided Radiator Hose. Hose clamp ends come in Red, Blue, Black, Silver or Natural.


Here is a great fuel system installation. Fitted by Insight Motorsport it features Teflon hose, dual 044 pumps and twin Flow Ezy filters - GREAT WORK SCOTTY!

Here it is side on.

Braided powersteer hoses - No Problem.

Secure hoses with these great looking line clamps. Available for single and dual hoses.

Stainless Steel Radiator Hoses.

Shown here with our cover end clamps. These are available in Red-Blue or Chrome.

This hose is great if you have a tricky installation like the one shown here.

Yes.. the radiator was made incorrectly.


Stainless Steel fuel line kits for Holley Carbs.


We have all styles of fuel line kits available in stock ready to go.


Stainless Steel brake lines.


Yes, we can even hide your brake lines so you don't see them.

Custom jobs are our specialty.


Sometimes you just have to cut& shut fittings. Speedflow alloy or steel weld ons are great for these situations. Pic shows Porsche factory fittings that have had weld ons attached to them. This now allows us to use Speedflow Hose Ends.

Here are some turbo water, drain and feed hoses ready to be fitted to the car.

Turbo feed hose with heat sleeve.


Let us design your fuel system today.

We can halp with any plumbing enquiry.

Braided fuel system.


Another engine bay shot.

Fuel Rail hoses made in X.R.P Kevlar.

Fuel Rail hoses made in X.R.P Kevlar.

Stainless Steel Diff hoses.



Stainless Steel Master Cylinder lines.


We are the Australian Agent for X.R.P

We carry there complete Kevlar Lightweight Hose range.

This photo shows hoses being made for a local Sydney Top Fuel Drag Racing Team.


We can serial number and tag any hoses for any race team.

Let us put together a hose program for you.


X.R.P Kevlar hose is also available without the micro black jacket. It's known as HS-79.


We are at most major Drag Racing events with our fully stocked van. We can service all our products at the track. Here Mark is crimping some hoses for a local Top Fuel Team.

X.R.P Kevlar hose is also available without the micro black jacket. It's known as HS-79.

Here is the latest creation from Dave Handley (H.R.D) Sydney.

This Twin Turbo B/B Chev monster is sure to be a big hit on the water. Yes its going in a ski boat! - You have to be nuts.

All plumbing by Motorsport Connections.

Here is another great looking plumbing job by our Mobile Van.

All fabricating by Micks Metal Craft.


The Nos equipped 375 cid Holden runs in SS/AA and should run into the 7 second zone.

Racers Choice Exhaust is responsible for some of Sydneys awesome header & exhaust systems.

Contact Stuart on 02 9624 4555.

Motorsport Connections Mobile can't take full credit for this plumbing job. However We did assist Stuart in setting up the 3 Magnafuel Regs and fuel plumbing. "GREAT JOB STU"

This thing is so wild.. we had to get some pics up. Racers Choice web page comming soon.

Here are some Braided Hoses made on a S/B chev. These hoses allow trapped air and steam to disapate rather than stay trapped in the heads. Important on blocks with siameased bores.

Same hose from the front.

If you're planning on using fuel pumps in the boot area of the car, be sure to use teflon / braided hose (Not rubber braid) If you don't you are sure to get a bad petrol smell.

Speedflow Teflon Hose is identified by their blue and black hose ends.

Running hard line under the car is a great cost saving. We have all the adapters necessary you will need for running hard line to flexible line into the engine bay.

Here is another shot of hard line running into flexible braided and then into bulkheads (bulkheads are great where hose runs thru a fire wall or steel panel). The hose on the other side of the bulkhead is Teflon braid as it runs into the boot area.

Here is the latest plumbing job by "Mark's Motorsport Mobile" This believe it or not is in a Micro Glider.. Yes a aeroplane, We are now in the sky.

Plumbing shown here is under the pilots seat.

Engine shot showing some of the braided hose.

Will get some shots of this beautiful Micro Glider in the sky soon.

Here is another brake line plumbing job by the mobile service.

All hard lines and tube nuts are 316 stainless steel.


All lines are neatly tucked away clear of exhausts and other components.


Picture of the diff hose.

This handy brass fitting allows the rear hose to have a brake in it. By making it two piece you can start at each end and meet in the middle. Piece of cake.

We have these great looking stainless fuel lines pre made. We have all carby combinations available including single and dual set ups.

Side shot shows braided running to regulator.

This picture shows throttle linkage clearence.

Another side shot.

Here is Brendon Fox's "Show time" Midget

Our mobile van has fully plumbed this on site in X.R.P Lightweight Kevlar hose.

Brendon's Mopar makes huge power and is going to be a front runner this season.

X.R.P Kevlar Hyperlon looks fantastic and is super lightweight.

Side shot of Mopar.

Darren Morgan and MSC-Mark talk hoses.

Some hoses for the Wicked Quick Dragster for Mark to make.

MSC-Mobile on site at WSID.

Here is the latest work by B.K Engines

This 427cid Ford makes 836hp. The whole car was totally built in house at B.K Engines and is going to be a real haed turner.

Bill is responsible for the great plumbing job on this Ford TD Cortina. if your looking for good honest advise give bill a call

MOB: 0400 351 400

All Hose and Fittings supplied by Motorsport Connections.


Here is the new GAS MOTORSPORT Celica.

This amazing Titan 2JZ is fully plumbed in X.R.P Hyperlon Kevlar Hose.

All Hoses made on site by MSC-Mark in the mobile van.

Dry Sump Hoses on the 2JZ


Fuel Tank Plumbing.

Coolant Hoses.

Formline Radiator Hose


Formlne Radiator Hose

Dual Feed Carby Kit

Dual Feed Carby Kit


Nice Side Shot of Regulator Plumbing