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  • DEI Cool Tape Roll
    Cool-Tape consists of a 1 mil aluminized material bonded to a light weight, woven fiberglass with super strong adhesive backing and release liner. Cool-Tape can reflect up to 1500 degrees of radiant heat. The uses are limited only by your imagination but common uses include wrapping wires or fuel..
  • DEI Exhaust Wrap 50ft
    The first step in controlling under hood temperatures is to use DEI's Exhaust Wrap. DEI's Exhaust Wrap is designed to keep heat contained within the metal pipes of the exhaust system. This keeps the heat expanded longer increasing the rate of gas flow out of the engine compartment header and exha..
  • DEI Exhaust Wrap Paint
    The High Temperature Silicone Coating provides lasting protection for any hot surface up to 1500 degrees. DEI recommend the use of this coating with their exhaust wrap because it seals the material and provides lasting protection from oil, dirt and road grime. Don't limit the use to exhaust heade..
  • DEI Exhaust Wrap Stainless Ties
    DEI Stainless Steel Locking Tie These locking ties were designed to secure DEI's exhaust wrap but the uses are endless. Made of high grade stainless steel they will withstand temperatures in excess of 2500 degrees and have a tensile strength over 100 lbs. These locking ties will provide a fin..
  • DEI Floor and Tunnel Shielding
    If you have a heat issue we have an insulation material that will solve your problem. Check our complete line of insulating materials to find the product that's right for you. Remember that relective surfaces are meant to face the heat source to reflect radiant heat. If your trying to keep heat o..
  • DEI Heat Screen Matting
    Heat Screen is capable of withstanding direct heat up to 1000 degrees F. on one side, while protecting against radiant heat up to 2000 degrees F. on the aluminized side. Heat Screen can be used to protect the drivers compartment from excess heat; to protect areas where excessive heat can bli..
  • DEI Reflect-a-Cool Sheet
    Reflect-A-Cool™is a sheet of reflective material with an adhesive back which offers outstanding protection against extreme heat. A combination of fiberglass and an aluminized layer of reflective foil, Reflect-A-Cool™ is ideal for firewalls, marine engine bays, RV “dog house” or in the tub of a ra..
  • DEI Versa Shield
    Originally designed to protect starters from heat, Versa-Shield™ can also be used to protect cool cans, carburetors, fuel pumps and many more areas of a car, boat, RV or heavy-duty truck. Originally designed to protect starters from heat, Versa-Shield™ can also be used to protect cool cans, c..
  • 4in x 12in PIPE SHIELD W/SS CLAMPS ..
  • 4in x 8in PIPE SHIELD W/SS CLAMPS ..
  • 6in x 12in PIPE SHIELD W/SS CLAMPS ..
  • 6in x 24in PIPE SHIELD W/SS CLAMPS ..