Shut Off & One Way Valves

Shut Off & One Way Valves
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  • Shut Off Valves
    If you are looking for a good quality low buck shut of valve that will suit most applications then look no further.  We stock everything from compact to large types so you can be asured of finding what you need. Compact or large stlye Able to cope with all fuel, oi..
  • Speedflow 610 Series Inline Check Valve
    Speedflow has redeigned their range of check valves including this inline version with even better internals and a spring to give an approx cracking pressure of 2-3psi. The inline version is available in either -6 or -8 making it ideal for fuel systems where a check is required inline. It is ..
  • Speedflow 612 Series Inline Check Valve - Bosch Pumps
    Designed by Speedflow to fit most Bosch pumps with a female outlet port.  These handy check valves hold pressure inline so your pumps don't have to re prime every time you start the car.  Speedflow has just redesigned these units and added a spring to help put a little back pr..
  • XRP Inline Flapper Valve
    MSCN has available these aircraft quality one way Flapper Valves. The housing is machined from aluminium and clear anodised. The mechanisim comprises of a sprung hinge that pivots from the outside edge to a circular disc with a rubber insert that provides a perfect seal. A flapper valve ..