Fuel Filters

Fuel Filters
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  • Speedflow 460 Series Weld On Filler Cap & Bung
    Speedflow manufactures these beautifully presented weld on caps & bungs. Three sizes are available. The cap is machined with a female thread, an o-ring seal and finger grips for ease of tightening and loosening. The cap comes in a raw state so you can anodise in any colour you require. ..
  • Transdapt / Perma-cool Fuel Filter & Water Separator Kit
    Use a Perma-Cool® Fuel Filter & Water Separator to ensure delivery of clean and water-free fuel to your engine. Whether you use diesel, gasoline, methanol, ethanol, the Perma-Cool® 24,000 mile filter element does the job. Fuel additives are no problem either. All are adaptable to automotive, ..
  • Speedflow 601 Short Series Filter
    The 601 Short Series is a solution for applications that are tight on space, but still requiring high flow with a serviceable stainless element. This compact size measures 1.75” OD (45mm) with a body length of 3.825” (97mm) plus the fitting length. Machined from quality 6061-T6 aluminium and ..
  • Speedflow 602 Long Series Filter
    The 602 Long Series is the big brother of our 601 Series, measuring 1.75” OD (45mm) with a body length of 5.725” (145mm) plus the fitting length. These have an element area of 44.7 square inches (288.4cm²) with a choice of 4 micron sizes. Machined from quality 6061-T6 aluminium and hard a..