Fuel Filler Hose and Accessories

Fuel Filler Hose and Accessories
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  • Newton Filler Cap Spill Tray
    We have available this spill tray to suit the AERO 400 fuel filler caps. This catches any excess fuel that may spill over when filling. Just push on a hose and run it towards the ground to stop any unwanted fuel leaking down the side of your vehicle.   Part..
  • Newton Flexible Fuel Filler Hose
    This is the easiest hose to use for making a fuel filler hose. It is lightweight, flexible and the smooth liner made from nitrile sheet rubber with a high tensile spring steel helix covered with nitrile coated nylon fabric and a outer cord of neoprene coated polyester. It does not collapse w..
  • Newton Fuel Resistant Filler Hose
    We have in stock this fuel filler hose to connect the fuel filler to the tank. This particular hose is constructed from a fuel resistant rubber and wrapped with a synthetic rubber strap for support and strength. This does not allow the hose to bend at all, so we have 45° & 90° bends avai..