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Air pressures in your tyres are important whether you're a top race team or just looking to improve handling, tyre wear and fuel economy in your passenger car. Whatever your preference for an air gauge, Longacre has you covered. Digital, analogue, liquid filled or filler gauges and air tanks. Quality air pressure gauges that racers trust.

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How do I know my product is Speedflow?
All Speedflow products are branded with the Speedflow logo or the outline of Australia.
Is Speedflow REALLY Australian made?
Absolutely YES! Based in Taree NSW, Speedflow employ over 40 people and operate 24 hours a day in the summer months.
I’m not sure what thread is in my engine block. Should I guess or just order every option?
If you’re not sure simply pick up the phone and call us. MSCN plumb 1000’s of vehicles, planes, boats, trucks, motorcycles every year. The chances are we can help with your inquiry.
What’s the best micron size for my fuel filter?
Firstly you need to know our the micron sizes work. The lower the micron number (eg 10) the finer the filtration. The larger you go (eg 100) the less filtration you get but fuel will flow more freely. You also need to understand that with more filtration you increase pressure. Typically an efi application would require anywhere from 10-40 micron, however 60 micron would also work fine as long as the fuel system is new and the tank has no sediment in it. Carburettor applications usually use a 60 micron however increasing to 100 micron is also ok and will achieve better flow.
What does DJ stand for?
The letters D and J are the first letter in the owners names Dee Deist (maiden name) and Joe Hansen. Joe Hansen (who was born in Australia) married into the safety business. DJ Safety have been long time personal friends with MSCN for over a decade with MSCN carrying the entire product range.
How do I pack my DJ Safety parachute?
Please ask us…we have a detailed instruction booklet to show you how.
Can I install my DJ Safety Harness into my street car?
Under Australian ADR you cannot.
Can I get my fire bottle refilled by MSCN?
As the Australasian distributer for Deist and DJ Safety we are able to service, refill and SFI your bottle. Please note all Catalina bottles have a 12 year shelve life. This standard is set by the manufacture and starts from the date that’s punched into the bottle. As bottles are produced in large volumes your brand new bottle could already have 1-2 years from manufacturing date run on it prior to your purchase. This is very similar to the SA rating on helmets which are updated every 5 years.
What’s the correct fuel hose for my application?
A: Due to the introduction of new blends of unleaded fuels and fuel additives from all manufacturers in recent years it has become increasingly difficult to assure the compatibility of these fuels with the current hose constructions.

If using Speedflow the best hose option for use with unleaded petrol is the 200 series Teflon® hose -6, -08, -10 and -12 have a carbon lining to prevent static build up.
The construction of the –6 and –8 100 series hose has been modified to be more compatible with unleaded fuels but as of yet extended testing is not complete. Please also note with any rubber that uses a rubber inner liner, permeation of the fluid inside will let of a vapour (the hose will smell of what’s running through it)

Brown and Miller.
All BMRS hoses have a Teflon inner liner. This inner is completely compatible with all fuel, oil, types and brands.

All XRP hoses have a Teflon inner liner. This inner is completely compatible with all fuel, oil, types and brands.
How are your helmets so cheap?
MSCN buying power means we buy in large quantity. We simply pass this saving onto you. We also make sure to only sell the very latest SA rating available to you. Please note, other business try to sell older helmets and even out of date ones. Always check the SA and the date of manufacture.
Your helmet looks like a Bell brand. Is it?
Yes, PYROTECH use the Bell mould to produce their helmets.
I want to book MSCN mobile for a job – what do I do?
MSCN Mobile currently only operates in Sydney. Please call 02 9838 7272 and ask for Nicole. We will ask you a number of questions to see if your job is something we are able to assist with and if we can help we will book you in.
What brand does MSCN mobile have access to?
Our vans are fully equipped with Speedflow but can be easily changed to carry XRP and BMRS (Brown and Miller) These 3 brands are the very best available from around the world are used by the very best professional motorsport teams. Note: We do not carry fuel pumps, air filters, injectors etc.
I want to become a MSCN mobile technician. What do I need to do?
We are always looking for great people to work with. We have fully fitted out vans in stock ready to go to work and have great plans to expand MSCN mobile nationwide. Give us a call today to see about out great MSCN rental program.
Can I simply book MSCN mobile to come and figure out what I need so I can by a cheap Chinese copy cat brand that will probably fail?
Do you ship internationally?
We do ship Internationally, preferred method is DHL.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all form of payments, All Credit Cards, Personal and Company Cheques, Wire Transfers, Cash in person.
How are shipping charges calculated?
Shipping charges are calculated by weight and/or volume. Once the box is loaded with your product it is weighed and entered in for the amount to ship the package.
Are all your products always in stock?
We carry over 7,000 product lines at all times and if it’s listed in our catalogue or on our website the chances are its sitting on our shelves.
What can I do if my order is wrong?
Please call us immediately (during business hours) or email your enquiry. We cannot accept any responsibility for phone orders under any circumstances. If you must receive a certain part and your life depends on it because you have ordered it at the last possible minute then by all means call us but we cannot take responsibility for mistakes in ordering unless there is a written order for us to reference.