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* DEI Floor & Tunnel Shield:

If you have a heat issue we have an insulation material that will solve your problem. Check our complete line of insulating materials to find the product that's right for you. Remember that relective surfaces are meant to face the heat source to reflect radiant heat. If your trying to keep heat out of the driver compartment try to control it before it gets into the interior...our floor & tunnel shield works great because it is designed to be used on the underside of the car. If you need help determining the best product for your need just give us a call.

This revolutionary material adds a new dimension to control heat with minimal clearance needed, only 3/16".

The Floor and Tunnel Shield is constructed utilizing an embossed 10 mil aluminum face bonded to a 1/8" composite fiberglass insulation and is backed with an aggressive adhesive that holds past 450ยบ F. Capable of handling direct temperatures up to 1750 degrees F. Tough enough for under vehicle applications.

This unique material can also block out up to 50% of unwanted road noise.

  • Great sound barrier
  • 1750 degree direct heat capabilities
  • Self adhesive for easy installation
  • Unique material works in harsh environments
  • Can be cut with tin snips to any shape


Part Number




Floor and Tunnel Shield with Adhesive Backing

2ft x 21"


Floor and Tunnel Shield with Adhesive Backing

4ft x 21"


Floor and Tunnel Shield with Adhesive Backing

4ft x 42"


Please note that this product has to be send in a box, so it will not fit in an Airbag or Express Post Bag. Please contact us for freight cost.

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