Brake Fittings

Brake Fittings
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  • Brake Part - Female Pipe Joiner (10mm / 3/8")
    These joiners are great if you have join two brake pipes together.  This is common when running the main brake pipe under the car and you would realy like it in two pieces so you can make a nice job.  Also handy to have in the tool box if you damage a line at the track and need to do a ..
  • Brake Part - Tube Nuts - Stainless Steel
      Stainless steel tube nuts are a great way to finish of your hardline.  Available in either metric or imperial and to suit both flare types (Ball and inverted) they sure do finish off the job. Available for all Japanese and European cars Finish..
  • Speed Bleeder RU639560
    Russell Speed Bleeders let you bleed the brake lines on just about any vehicle all by yourself. Just replace the old bleeder screws with the Speed Bleeders. The Speed Bleeders have an internal check valve that will pump excess air and fluid out for you. A special coating on the Speed Bleeders' th..