Brake Bias

Brake Bias
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  • Brake Part - Tilton Balance Bar Assembly
    Tilton have been making balance bars for over 25 years and today there products are used world wide. Balance Bars take the force applied to the pedal and distribute it to the front and rear master cylinders.  Designed for use with fixed-mounted master cylinders. Assembly includ..
  • Brake Part - Tilton Balance Bar Cable Assembly
    Remote Brake Bias Adjusters are designed to attach to balance bars, such as those supplied in Tilton pedal assemblies. They allow the driver to adjust brake bias quickly and accurately during competition. This Model offers Tilton quality to budget-minded racers and features a plastic adjustment k..
  • Wilwood Knob Proportioning Valves
    Compact and light weight, these aluminium billet Wilwood proportioning valves the best available. Pressure adjustments range from 100-1000 PSI and provide for a maximum decrease of 57% in line pressure. This adjustment lets you fine tune the front to rear braking balance by proportionately d..
  • Wilwood Residual Valves
    These in-line pressure valves retain a minimum brake line pressure to help eliminate excessive pedal travel in both disc and drum brake systems.  The two pound valve is used in disc brake applications where the master cylinder is mounted below the horizontal plane of the calipers and fluid d..