Mono-Grade Oil

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  • Brad Penn -  SAE 30
    BRAD PENN® PENN-GRADE 1® SAE 30 High Performance Oil A lighter straight-grade viscosity oil characterized by its proven protection and performance. Along with its Penn Grade 1® straight-grade counterparts, the Brad Penn® Penn Grade 1® SAE 30 High Performance Oil offers excellent film streng..
  • Brad Penn -  SAE 30 "Break In Oil"
    BRAD PENN® PENN-GRADE 1® Break-In Oil SAE 30 mono-grade oil formulated specifically to meet the critical lubrication needs of new engines during break-in while allowing proper seating of rings and component ‘run-in’.  Enhanced levels of “zinc” (zinc dialkyldithiophosphate a.k.a. ZDDP) ..
  • Brad Penn -  SAE 40
    BRAD PENN® PENN-GRADE 1® SAE 40 High Performance Oil Formulated with the unique cut from our Penn-Grade stocks, this heavy viscosity straight-grade motor oil is designed to provide excellent protection for street and competition engines. Its superior film strength, highly effective detergen..
  • Brad Penn -  SAE 50
    BRAD PENN® PENN-GRADE 1® SAE 50 High Performance Oil Heavy viscosity, straight-grade motor oil designed to provide superior lubrication to high-performance competition engines fueled by gasoline, methanol or nitromethane. Superior alcohol separation assures continual lubricant protection ..
  • Brad Penn -  SAE 70 "Nitro 70"
    BRAD PENN® PENN-GRADE 1® "Nitro" 70 High Performance Oil High viscosity, high-performance motor oil engineered for use in nitromethane or methanol fueled competition engines.  The heavy viscosity and exceptional film strength provided by the Penn Grade™ base oils helps protect against ..