Altered Build Up

Altered Build Up

After this MONSTER WHEELSTAND the car was put on the jig at Micks Metal Craft. The car had a total refit including extending the wheel base from 123"  to 125"

If you want a great car, altered, dragster built call Mick or George.  We wouldn't be racing if it wasn't for these guys.

On the jig.

George attacking the front.

Nice work George.

New moly bars fitted.

A little grinding.

New front and rear motor plates being fitted.

Painted and ready for assembly.

Work is about to start.

Battery and puke tanks refitted.

Motor and front end installed.

Getting closer now

Testing has begun.

The Funny Car body arrives.

Fitting the Funny car body to the Altered.

The car at home.  Cowl scoop to be fitted.

Scoop fitted - Now for the air intake!

Air intake now installed.

This should turn some heads.

All pictures below show work done by Creeper Chris Manks.

He loved working on it night after night


Ready for Flames and Pin Striping.

Side shot.

CREEPER Chris Manks starting on  the flames.

More pin striping.

Yes it is late at night.

Same late night.

More pin striping.

On goes the blue.

Here is Holley Manks  helping Dad out.

I'm not smilling on the inside.  Still alot of rubbing back to do.


On goes the black.

Starting to look like a race car.

Thanks 'CREEPER" Chris for your HELP.



Car back on Micks Jig. 

New  rear end fitted. 

Beautifull work George.